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Helping Veterans Towards Successful Claims

If you are an honorably discharged veteran, you served your country well and you earned certain benefits. These benefits include the right to receive compensation and medical care for any disabling medical condition that was incurred or aggravated while you were in service. Sad to say, sometimes it can be difficult for the veteran to obtain the earned benefits guaranteed by law.

Like all bureaucracies, the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is unyielding in how it applies federal law that governs a veteran’s right to compensation. If your disability claim is not clearly supported by your medical records—with the exact evidence VA requires—you will be denied benefits. This is evident in the low (15-20%) approval rate for cases at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.

Veterans need a recognized medical expert who knows the VA system. As a disabled veteran himself and a respected, board certified physician, Dr. Bash fits the need—and adds even further insight as a VA-accredited service organization representative. His 11 years postgraduate education, 20 years experience as a physician, and his VA background adds irrefutable credibility to each Independent Medical Examination (IME) he painstakingly prepares.

Dr. Bash often finds relevant medical information in a patient’s file that previously has been overlooked. Frequently, the patient’s diagnosis is modified or changed, based on Dr. Bash’s review of the full medical records. An accurate diagnosis leads toward a fair and rational analysis of the case. And Dr Bash’s thorough review allows him to give a better assessment of the patient’s level of disability. (Note: To reach this end, Dr. Bash asks many questions and will need a copy of the patient’s full medical record.)

Careful and early attention to the details of your case could save years of appeals, and help you arrive at a higher disability rating sooner. However, it is never too late to get an independent medical evaluation.

Added to his medical and administrative expertise, Dr. Bash has extensive experience as an expert trial witness. He is available for reviews and personal appearances for BVA hearings and military medical or physical evaluation boards (MEB and PEB). He also can assist in obtaining dependents and survivors’ benefits, 1151 claims for VA Hospital mal-practice, death and DIC claims for veteran's family members. He can even write an IME for Veteran hospital mal-practice Tort claims.

Dr. Bash invites you to browse this Web site to find out how he can help you

[You can confirm Dr. Bash’s credentials at A fee is charged for this service, but please be advised that Dr. Bash is not affiliated with this service provider, except as one of its listed physicians. He does not receive any proceeds from this, and it is available simply as a tool to verify his credentials.]

Note: Remember, Dr. Bash may be available to help in the claims process for clients who suffer from PTSD or other psychiatric disorders if, and only if, the client already has a diagnosis of the exact disorder. Dr. Bash is a busy Washington, D.C. physician so please be persistent in contacting him. He is willing to help veterans, but be aware that time with him is precious. Do all you can to preserve and make useful the time he can give to your case.

Craig N. Bash M.D., M.B.A. -- Associate professor -- Cell 240-506-1556

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